The Book-A-Go-Go podcast was started out of a desire for its co-hosts to share their industry knowledge with their clients. As a writer/editor and a publisher, Jenna Rose Robbins and Sara Stratton found themselves repeating much of the same information to their clients. Rather than continue to do so, the duo — who have worked on more than a dozen books together — decided to record their knowledge for easy dissemination.

The first 18 episodes comprise the “Reference Episodes” — the steps and info needed to take an author from finished manuscript to printed book. While these first episodes are scripted, future episodes will have more of a casual, talk-show-style format.

Jenna Rose Robbins

Ghostwriter and author Jenna Rose RobbinsJenna Rose Robbins is a writer, ghostwriter, editor, and web consultant with extensive online and publishing experience. While the majority of her work has fallen in the entertainment and travel realms, the scope of her projects has ranged from politics and finance to sports and health.

After graduating from the University of Michigan, Jenna went on to receive her Master’s of Professional Writing (a specialized M.F.A.) from the University of Southern California. In addition to ghostwriting two New York Times bestsellers, her 2017 book, Faithful and Devoted: Confessions of a Music Addict, was a finalist for the prestigious BookLife Prize, awarded by a division of Publisher’s Weekly.

Jenna is available as a freelance writer, editor, and consultant and is a member of the Los Angeles Editors and Writers Group (LAEWG).
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Sara Stratton

Sara Stratton, founder of Redwood Publishing Founder of Redwood Publishing, LLC, Sara Stratton is a recognized expert in the publishing industry. In 2012, she created, developed, and implemented the publishing division of one of the most prominent ghostwriting firms in the United States. After running their publishing division for four years, and publishing more than 90 titles with them, she fell in love with all things self-publishing and made it her goal to give every author the ability to not just tell their story but also get it out into the world.

Since founding Redwood Publishing, Sara has helped publish more than 50 titles, from self-help to business books, cookbooks to fitness guides, personal memoirs to family history, and the occasional children’s book. Redwood’s goal is to create a book that can compete against others in the same category in the traditional publishing space, from content to the final printed product.
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