Reference Episodes

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The following are the first episodes of the Book-A-Go-Go podcast, which we created as a reference guide to some of the most common topics we get asked about writing and self-publishing. These Reference Episodes will take you through the main steps of publishing a book, whether you’re self-publishing or going the traditional route. We’ve recorded the episodes in the order in which a typical book’s timeline may progress — from inception to being published. 

Because there’s so much to cover in each topic that full books have been written about almost every episode topic, each Reference Episode is very high-level. And with technology and the publishing industry changing so quickly, if we got too into the nitty-gritty, much of the info would be outdated within a few months. Our goal here is to give you a starting point for a deeper dive into each topic. As such, the Show Notes for each episode contain links where you can find further information, such as resources, links, charts, etc., to help you further explore each topic.

The list below contains the most recent version of each Reference Episode, which we will update should the information become outdated.

  1. Setting Goals and Expectations When Writing Your Book
  2. Author Platform: What It Is and Why You Need One
  3. Author Website: Why You Need One and What It Should Include
  4. Why Blogging Is Important for Authors
  5. Ghostwriting vs. Co-Authoring vs. Writing Coach vs. Flying Solo
  6. Types of Editors You Might Hire When Writing Your Book
  7. How to Choose a Title for Your Book
  8. Legal Review, Fact-Checking & Compliance of Your Book
  9. Self-Publishing vs. Traditional Publishing vs. Hybrid Publishing
  10. How to Get Blurbs and Testimonials for Your Book
  11. Compiling the Sections of Your Book
  12. How to Design a Winning Book Cover
  13. How to Design a Winning Interior for Your Book
  14. Creating an Audiobook
  15. Printing & Distribution Basics
  16. Book Promotion Companies and PR
  17. Marketing and Advertising
  18. Choosing a Release Date
  19. Amazon Author Central, Goodreads, etc.
  20. Applying to Book Awards
  21. Getting Consumer and Professional Reviews of Your Book
  22. Pre-sales and Getting to No. 1 on Amazon
  23. Getting Paid (KDP vs. Distributors)