Book Design

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What It Is: The art of arranging and formatting all text and visual assets of a book into a single cohesive product that looks professional and can compete with other books in the same category

Why You Might Need It: A well-designed cover accurately reflects the book’s content, using visual cues to convey the genre, tone, and even the quality of the writing. An interior book designer often uses the same or similar fonts as those on your cover to design elements such as chapter headers and title pages.

An author could hire the same person to do both the cover and interior design, although it is more common that separate people will perform these tasks. Your interior designer should be proficient with Adobe InDesign — the industry standard for book layouts — so that they can navigate your needs seamlessly to create a beautiful, professional product.

It’s important to work with a designer who understands your vision as well as your intended audience. An expert designer should be able to advise you on current trends in your book’s genre and provide an honest opinion about what will and won’t work within your budget. Designers should be able to provide guidance on the right fonts, colors, and spacing to use for your particular genre. Once you approve the final files, your designer should know how to format them to the specifications of your printer and should be amenable to providing you with the final design files once the project is complete.

Our team of professional designers have either worked in traditional publishing or in marketing or advertising. We are experienced in designing for all genres, including custom children’s books, nonfiction business titles, family legacy photo books, cookbooks, novels, and travel guides. Our designers have also illustrated picture books, sketched custom graphics for authors, and mocked up illustrative fiction book covers.

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